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LPG in Bridport, Dorset

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You can count on our expert heating engineers. Based in Bridport, Dorset, Boilerman Ltd specialise in LPG and adhere to the highest standards of safety.

Keeping Caravans Safe

Enjoy your break free from the worries of gas failures. Boilerman Ltd perform all the maintenance of LPG bottled gas to ensure that your campervan stoves stay in great condition. We thoroughly check your boilers to guarantee that everything complies with Health and Safety regulations, for added assurance.

Supplying all certifications, we give you instant reassurance that your systems are in the best condition. We recommend that you have us check your LPG bottled gas on an annual basis, as it is very flammable. 

Your Number One Choice

Choose us for any maintenance of LPG bottled gas, catered specifically for caravan stoves. Boilerman Ltd actually supply the certifications, after checking the boilers meet the health and safety regulations. Yearly checks to inspect LGS bottled gas are really important as the gas is really flammable.

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